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The lot DRINKME - juices

Apple - orange
Apple - rhubarb
Apple - strawberry

The lot EATME - smoothies

Orange Smoothie
Pink Smoothie
Green Smoothie
White Smoothie

Juices for lemonade and compote

Golden Lemon
Cherry from the Heart

Refreshing juices

Apple - mint
Apple -rhubarb

Juices enriching the taste of the dish

Field Tomato
Sok 100% - Burak
Hale Beetroot
Strong Ginger
Yellow Turmeric

Who do we work with?

Why us?

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Always fresh products

A professional team will take care of you

Juices from the highest quality fruits and vegetables

Juices without preservatives, aromas, concentrate

Family company

BRC certificate

Who are we?


We are a family owned company since 2012 who are located in Warka near Warsaw. We produce cold pressed juices from whole fruits – NFC (Not From Concentrate) and smoothies (fruit mousses).


Due to the growing awareness of consumers and their needs, we decided to certify the production of organic juices at our plant.

At our plant we use only very good quality fruits for juice production. The raw material delivered to the plant is subject to detailed inspection.

In order to maintain the high quality of products, we control the various stages of the manufacturing process.

The final products are subjected to laboratory tests. The technological lines we use have the necessary approvals allowing them to be used in food production.
The BRC certificate and the implemented HACCP system confirm that the highest production standards are met.


Sales of our products

Phone: +48 783 723 848

Email: export@sadvit.pl