Sadvit juices 5L and 10L

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It all started with pure 100% apple juice, which was the first and only juice on offer! As popular as this was, we started getting various inquiries from customers that prompted us to expand the product range with other flavours such as sour cherry, raspberry or pumpkin.

Currently, in our regular offer we produce fruit juices and fruit/vegetable juice blends. Most of these flavours are available all year round.

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The quality of juice is very important to us. We maintain this high level of quality by ensuring the right level and quality of raw materials are only used and that high levels of standards and controls take place as every stage of production.

We maintain a craft quality product by cold pressing the fruit then gently pasteurise it at 80 ° C. This means the juices keep the rich nutrients that occur naturally in fruit and vegetables.

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Our goal is to best meet the tastes of our customers, which is why we decided to distinguish the degree of sweetness of juices, which depends on the variety of the fruit used for production.

Our juices are 100% natural and very tasty, because we attach great importance to the quality of fruits and vegetables that you will find in our products.



We also use a specially constructed tap that prevents air from entering the packaging, so the juice stays fresh for up to 21 days after opening.

From production the juices have a healthy 9 month shelf life.

Available flavors