Sadvit Company

We squeeze the best from the fruits!

For generations in our family, high quality product has been and is the most important!

We are a family owned company who are located in Warka near Warsaw. Our farming and production of apples goes back several generations. In fact, the very first orchards in our fruit farm were planted by our grandparents Antoni and Helena.

Originally in the orchard one could find varieties of apple trees like Boskoop, Boiken, Ladzberska, Starking, Jonatan, Bankroft, Złota Reneta, Szara Reneta, McIntosch, Malinówka oraz Cesarz Wilhelm. However changing trends and tastes over the years have meant we adapted and changed our apple varieties. These days the orchards are full of Gala, Ligol, Gloster, Idared, Champion, Golden Delicious and Jonagold group.

It all started with pure 100% apple juice, which was the first and only juice on offer! As popular as this was, we started getting various inquiries from customers that prompted us to expand the product range with other flavours such as sour cherry, raspberry or pumpkin.

Currently, in our regular offer we produce fruit juices and fruit/vegetable juice blends. Most of these flavours are available all year round.
The quality of juice is very important to us. We maintain this high level of quality by ensuring the right level and quality of raw materials are only used and that high levels of standards and controls take place as every stage of production.

We maintain a craft quality product by cold pressing the fruit then gently pasteurise it at 80 ° C. This means the juices keep the rich nutrients that occur naturally in fruit and vegetables but means from production the juices have a healthy 9 month shelf life. We also use a specially constructed tap that prevents air from entering the packaging, so the juice stays fresh for up to 21 days after opening.

We are one of the few producers on the market that enables you to choose your own flavour and sweetness of product by offering a variety of fruit with different maturity. Our naturally cloudy juices also have a low glycaemic index, and therefore they are also recommended for people on a diet.