Private Labels

Cooperating with Sadvit, you have the option of introducing your own brand of juices.

In current offer we have over 15 flavors of juices – their list can be found in the Our Juices tab. We can also prepare the juice flavor composed by you


How it is done?:

You create a logo

You decide which packaging should be used for your juice (the option to choose products from the permanent offer of Sadvit or your own packaging, consulted with our teamJ)

You design a label and cardboard graphic.

We pour delicious fresh juice for you








Packaging from a permanent offer:

  • 3l, 5l, 10l Bag In Box
  • 0.75l bottle and 0.25l bottle








We guarantee you help with the whole project!

  • choosing flavors for distribution
  • packaging design – we provide a list of information required on the packaging of your juice
  • access to tests of our products and certificates




We prepare a final product ready for distribution for you


You need more information – please contact us at tel: 885-723-848 or email: