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It all started with 100% apple juice, which was the first juice in our offer. Various inquiries and customer orders prompted us to expand the product range with other flavors that are still very popular.

Currently, in our regular offer you will find fruit juices and fruit – vegetable juices. Most flavours are available all year round.











The quality of juice is very important to us, which is maintained by appropriately selected raw materials and controls that take place at every stage of production.

The juices are produced by cold pressing and then subjected to gentle pasteurization at 80 ° C, so they maintain the richness of nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables.











Cloudy juices have a low glycemic index, and therefore they are also recommended for people on a diets.

As one of the few on the market, we introduced the distinction of sweetness of juices, which depends on the variety of maturity of the fruits used for production. You can choose the juice flavor that suits you best.










The special construction of the tap prevents air from entering the packaging, so the juice stays fresh for up to 21 days after opening.

Before opening, our juices remain fresh for 9 months from the date of production.









We currently offer


Apple sweet  

(100 % apple)

Apple – black currant

(90  apple, 10 % black currant)

Apple – strawberry

(85  apple, 15 % strawberry)

100% Cherry

(100% cherry)

Apple semi – sweet

(100  apple)

Apple – cherry

(85 apple, 15 % cherry)

Apple – rhubarb

(85  apple, 15 % rhubarb)

100% Black Currant

(100% black currant)

Apple sour

(100 % apple)

Apple – carrot

(67 %  apple , 33% carrot)

Apple – orange

(75% apple, 25% orange)

100% Raspberry

(100% raspberry)

Apple – pear

(50 % apple, 50 % pear)

Apple – beetroot

(75  apple, 25 % beetroot)

Apple – raspberry

(85%  apple, 15% raspberry)

100% Chokeberry

(100% chokeberry)

Apple – chokeberry

(85  apple, 15 % chokeberry)

Apple – pumpkin

( 75% apple, 25% pumpkin)

100% Tomato

(100% tomato)


Juices can be packed in various types of packaging


  • Bag In Box 3l, 5l, 10l – Packed individually or in bulk (6x3l, 4x5l, 2x10l)



  • Pouch 3l

  • 0.75l bottle and 0.25l bottle

  • 0.2l cup


  • Collective packaging, such as a bag in a 200l barrel, a bag in a 600l box pallet


We invite you to cooperation – more information at 885-723-848 (885-Sadvit) or sales.sadvit@gmail.com



Are you curious how are our juices produced? – We invite you to a movie:)