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We are a family company located in grójecko – warecki orchard region. Apples production in our family goes several generations back.

The first orchards in our fruit farm were planted by grandparents Antoni and Helena. In the orchard one could find trees of the following varietes: Boskoop, Boiken, Ladzberska, Starking, Jonatan, Bankroft, Złota Reneta, Szara Reneta, McIntosch, Malinówka oraz Cesarz Wilhelm












Changing over the years customer requirements caused changes in cultivated varieties of apples. Presently in our orchard you can find Jonagold group, Gala, Ligol, Gloster, Idared, Champion, Golden Deliciuous












In 2012 we decided to expand our activities of the pressing juice.

Our goal is to hit the customers taste, so we decided to introduce different levels of juices sweetness, which depends on the variety and maturity of fruits used in production

Juices are 100% natural, and tasty, because we pay very much attention to the quality of fruits and vegetables that you can find in our products.












For generations in our family, the high quality of the product was and is the most important!








We currently offer:

  • juices sold under the Sadvit brand
  • the service of pressing juice from fruits delivered to our factory
  • juice production under the Client’s brand
  • juices in bulk packs of 200l, 600l

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